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Approaches to Circularity, BauHow5 Event TU Delft

28 mei 2018: In the frame of the BauHow5 initiative, a two-day event on Approaches to Circularity is being organised on 11 and 12 June 2018 at TU Delft Fac. Architecture.

Approaches to Circularity


This event aims to establish viable approaches in the transition towards a circular built environment. 

To discussthe BauHow5 approaches tiogether with stakeholders from the general public, government, finance, research, industry and design towards a circular built environment.

Do our efforts align?

Are we targeting the right topics?

Are we making the greatest possible impact?


BauHow5 is an alliance of the 5 leading Architecture Faculties in Europe: Delft University of Technology (NL), University College London (GB), Chalmers University of Technology (SE), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (CH), and the Technical University of Munich (DE).


Room will be given to debate, discussion and networking.

The first day of the event, mondat 11th of june, will be open to public.

day 1 - monday 11th of June open to public

Approaches to Circularity 

9:00 Coffee
9:30 Session 1 The academic approach
In 5 presentations BauHow5 partners will describe their vision of a future circular built environment. We will discuss the role of academia and how the strongest impact can be made. We will explore how circularity can be best translated into education.

11:00 Coffee 
11:30 Session 2 Design and Industry

Selected experts from practice will share their views on circularity in the building realm. Which projects have been successfully realized? Are there already business propositions and what are the possible bottlenecks?

13:00 Lunch
14:00 Session 3 Regulatory + funding frameworks in NL/EU

Speakers from government and institutions will outline strategic approaches. How will the transition towards a circular society take place and what is the role of the built environment? What regulatory frameworks can we expect and what funding opportunities are, and will be, available?

15:30 Coffee
16:00 Moderated discussion. Shaping BauHow5 circular approaches

17:00 Networking
18:00 End

day 2 tuesday 12th of june private event

Internal BauHow5 session 

9:00 - 15:00 Workshop: Funding opportunities, research & valorisation routes.

Dedicated to the development of collaborative researchproposals and publications. The out-comes will provide a take-away actionlist.


day mon 11th of june 2018

time 9:00 - 18:00

place TUD fac. Architecture

access free

max. 100 attendants

more info

TU Delft
Faculty Architecture and the Built Environment
Barbara van Vliet
0031 152781277

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