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2nd Reversible Building Design Symposium, Heerlen 26 october

GTB Lab (©Elma Durmisevic)
Elma Durmisevic

07 augustus 2018: Friday 26th of October 2018 the 2nd Reversible Building Design Symposium towards Green Transformable Buildings will take place in Heerlen.

2nd Reversible Building Design Symposium

Green Transfomable Buidings

This year’s Reversible Building Design Symposium focuses on transition towards circular economy and shaping the roadmap for the transformation of building design and construction for one end of life option to design and construction of built environment with multiple reuse options related to multiple value proposition.

Symposium will address

> reversible building designstandards and -protocols

> benchmarking and businessmodels for reversible (circular) buildings

> circular building assessment being developed by BAMB consortium


Besides the tools and protocols the symposium will also focus on presentation of technical solutions in the form such as systems produced for the Laboratory for Green Transformable Buildings and other pilot and case study projects.

This symposium is organized by University of Twente and Sarajevo Green Design Foundation in collaboration with GTB Lab, Booosting, Regio Parkstad, IBA 2020, Resource House and Super Circular Estate Project of UIA (Urban Innovation Action) in Kerkrade.


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Elma Durmisevic: "Each brick, board, piece of wood or glass in a building has a value. Today, these materials are often not reused after demolishing of refurbishments, instead they are wasted. BAMB will provide the tools to enable a circular building industry."


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BAMB 2020 Buildings As Material Banks 

Elma Durmisevic o.a.architect/researcher/founder GTB Lab

GTB Lab Green Transformable Building Lab


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