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HAUT at full height!

donderdag 25 maart 2021 / 15:00 - 16:30
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Gratis voor aangeslotenen, studenten, pers en niet-aangeslotenen
Organisatie: Rutger Snoek

Haut Amsterdam - The third tallest high-rise timber building in the world!

Haut Amsterdam is the third tallest high-rise timber building in the world. The structural frame has just reached its full height. The structural calculations and detailing of the timber, composite and steel members are executed with very limited available guidance by the obligatory codes or standards. Carpenters carried out their work at a level they never worked at before; in terms of both height and complexity. Nils Drachsel of subcontractor Brüninghoff and structural engineers Henning Klattenhoff and Andreas Wemmer of Assmann Beraten + Planen will share with us their insights and experiences concerning the engineering and construction of this landmark.

Nils Drachsel is project engineer at Brüninghoff Bausysteme in Heiden, Germany and specialised in timber structures. After his apprenticeship in carpentry, he studied timber engineering at the Swiss school of Timber in Biel, Switzerland. Following his studies, for 3 years he worked at Besmer-Brunner in central Switzerland before returning to Germany in 2017 to work at Brüninghoff´s, their newly created division for multi-storey timber structures. For Haut, Nils is project engineer and site manager for Brüninghoff which is responsible for the manufacture and erection of the structural timber, composite and steel elements.

Henning Klattenhoff is head of the timber design department at ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN in Hamburg. He worked as a carpenter for 10 years, studied structural engineering in Hannover and then worked as a structural engineer in London for several years. After returning to Germany in 2008, he founded the Hamburg Timber Construction Forum and has since been lecturing on the theme “Timber – City – Concrete. A triad, not a contradiction”. For Haut, Assmann was responsible for the detailed structural design of the timber and steel members in liaison with lead engineer Arup and RWT+ from Austria, who engineered the composite slabs.


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